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Everyday Life

Coldplay return to form after a four-year hiatus (excluding 2018’s live release) with their eighth LP Everday Life (2019). Bringing together their musical styles from as far back as A Rush of Blood to the Head (2003) to the more pop-influenced A Head Full of Dreams (2015). 

The marketing campaign preceding the release of Everday Life was meticulously crafted to instigate hype. The first rumours of a new release began circulating through newspaper advertisements placed in localised publications, as well as letters sent to fans. This vintage method of publicity blended perfectly with the date advertised (1919, to correspond to 2019) and look of the first poster released by the band. Leading many fans to speculate the album to be on a similar sonic level to that of Viva La Vida (2008). Fan’s hopes were kept alive when the singles ‘Orphans’ and ‘Arabesque’ were released. The former sounding like a cut from A Head Full of Dreams while the latter is more experimental. Although ‘Arabesque’ do…