Magic Is Real (Part 1)

Dillon Francis has recently released the first instalment of the highly anticipated mixtape Magic Is Real. The moombahton juggernaut is back following the release of smash singles ‘GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)’ and ‘Bawdy (feat. TV Noise & Big Freedia), we get a sneak peek of the full mixtape. 

On Magic Is Real (Part 1) Dillon goes back to his roots creating moombahton bangers with his usual wit. With a sound that pays homage to his first album Money Sucks, Friends Rule (2014) going as far to include a sequel to ‘Not Butter’; a fan favourite from his debut. As well as these easter eggs there is more for hardcore fans on the cover with a cameo from Gerald, Dillon’s piƱata companion. 

Starting with the first single ‘GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)’, soaked in classic Dillon humour, we are immediately thrust into his sonic world. With subtle bass drops and quirky vocals, this is perhaps the most house Dillon has ever sounded and his sound benefits from it all the more. The video released paralleled with the single’s initial release compliments the song style and humour perfectly whilst also attempting to create a new dance craze. 

On ‘Bawdy (feat. TV Noise & Big Freedia)’ we are treated to more of a conventional moombahton sound with hard-hitting festival style drops. Similarily to ‘Bawdy’ and his recent work on WUT WUT (2018), ‘Bomboclat (Light It Up)’ delves into a diverse range of cultures enriching the music in the process. ‘Still Not Butter’, the sequel to ‘Not Butter’, is the artistic and satirist highlight of the mixtape thus far. Not only does it pay homage to the previous success of ‘Not Butter’ but the second drop has alternating climaxes like his previous composition with TV Noise ‘EDM O’CLOCK’.   

Amongst the humour and self-parody, Dillon is still able to create lush electronic soundscapes which hit hard without sacrificing the power of his production. With part two of the mixtape out November 15th, it will be compelling to see what other artistic directions Dillon will take with the full release.